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Pianos are very difficult to disassemble and pack since they are so large, fragile, and expensive. This is especially true for grand pianos because they are very heavy and can’t be packed in one piece.  It is not advisable to move a grand piano by yourself, as it is too heavy. To move a grand piano, you must first disassemble and pack all of the parts that can be removed from the body of the piano.

Disassembling a Piano

Removing the piano lid requires you to remove the screws and hinges attached to the long side of the lid. Use a screwdriver that matches the screw heads on the screws so you don’t damage the piano. Set the piano lid aside, and put all the parts that should be together together. The best way to keep small parts like screws safe is to store them in zip lock bags. Another tip is to label them just in case. You can also write on the bag with a marker or put a sticker inside.

Thick moving pads can be found at any moving-supply store and at many hardware stores. If you don’t have the budget or inclination to use moving pads, you can also use spare blankets from around your house. You will need these for the next step. Wrapping each piece individually is important so it doesn’t get damaged. If you are moving by yourself, this is really important to do well. However, if you are hiring Piano Movers Cleveland, you won’t have to worry much about this. There is no better way to move a piano than by using piano movers.

Once the piano is wrapped in blankets and moving pads, it’s time to place it on the piano board. A piano board is like a skateboard for your piano. It has wheels so it can be easily moved.  You can buy heavy-duty buckle straps at any hardware or home-supply store. To keep it stable, you will need to attach them to the handles or indentations of the piano board. It takes two or more people to pack musical instruments for relocation, especially if the instrument is a grand piano.

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